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Mob Geeks Family

MobGeeks is an independent video game studio, with experience ranging back to the days of the womb. Our fight for a world where we geeks have a voice and can be heard was ongoing. Until we finally decided to pick up the baton and become the voice of the people.

Thor X


A creative visionary, Thor has a great passion for anything artistic. His love for his craft has driven him to a career of freelance writing and a pursuit for the perfect story, incorporated into the perfect game. 

Fuyei X


With a degree in business, Fuyei has used his entrepreneurial spirit to lead him into a successful Amazon side business, trailed by a devotion towards indy game creation.

Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock-n-roll.

- Shiqeru Miyamoto

Our Mission

Making creative and unique games that explore our childhood and adulthood. We wanted to use our experiences to shape games we thought the people and we would enjoy.

Simultaneously building a voice and a community for people of all sorts.


We will strive for the perfect equation that will solve boredom, idealize replayability, create a nostalgic, yet unending and memorable experience.  

Our Vision

Growing up, our voices were silenced by being minorities; we kept quiet for fear of being different. Never really having our own identity or opinions; we joined the mainstream and followed what we thought was the norm.


Games were our escape from reality. We knew that a tiny monitor could project a little man in a red "M" hat that could ride a green dinosaur, why couldn't we? We saw how our minds were educated by reading the stories of the role-playing games we played; learning and adapting to the stages we failed; getting up and trying again till we passed.


Games just weren't entertainment to us, it was creativity; art, difference, voice, education, identity. We found much more than what our parents saw, we found ourselves.

MobGeeks is us giving back to our children, other children and whoever is willing to journey with us into the adventure of becoming.

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